Shocker! Celebrated acting powerhouse Morgan Freeman accused of sexual harrasement

Morgan Freeman, a standout amongst the most observed Hollywood symbols has influenced gatherings of people throughout the decade by his stellar exhibitions in films like ‘The Shaw shank Redemption’, ‘Bruce Almighty’, ‘The Bucket List’, ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ and ‘The Million Dollar Baby’ among others.

In stunning unforeseen development workers of his Revelations Film organization have charged that he has continually mishandled them by improper touching, attempting to lift their skirts, passing lascivious comments and furthermore gazing at their body resources for quite a while. The assertions come in the wake of a few greats in the business going wrong because of the development.

Eighty-year-old Morgan Freeman has conveyed a late “Any individual who knows me or has worked with me knows I am not somebody who might purposefully insult or intentionally influence anybody to feel uneasy. I apologize to any individual who felt awkward or slighted — that was never my aim.”


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