A.R. Murugadoss uncovers police assault on his home

 A.R. Murugadoss uncovers police assault on his home

‘Sarkar’ coordinated by A.R. Murugadoss and featuring Thalapathy Vijay has accomplished a gigantic blockbuster status in only two days since its discharge gathering 110 Crores around the world. In any case, the executive is confronting numerous issues as the decision party censured scenes in the film particularly the man himself showing up and tossing government complimentary gifts, for example, blender, processors, and fans given by previous Chief Minister Jayalalitha. After the ADMK frameworks led fomentations before theaters playing the film and furthermore tearing up blurbs the makers Sun Pictures chose to evacuate the questionable scenes.

The most recent advancement on the ‘Sarkar’ issue is that police have been conveyed around A.R. Murugadoss’ home in Virugambakkam. This has offered ascend to doubt whether the chief will be captured as of now a protest has been given on him to book him as an enemy of national by one Devarajan. Murugadoss has expressed by means of SMS “Police had gone to my home late this evening and slammed the entryway a few times. Since I was not there they cleared out the premises. At this moment I was told there is no police outside my home.”

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