AR Rahman’s confusing sounds scared journalist

 AR Rahman’s confusing sounds scared journalist

We as a whole realize that AR Rahman is a man of few words. He is modest and an introvertive individual. Such identities don’t talk intricately. Be that as it may, the virtuoso performer is excessively modest.

Saying that meeting Rahman was the most difficult one in his life, well-known columnist Karan Thapar has uncovered a fascinating occurrence that occurred a couple of years back. “Rahman is to a great degree timid and decidedly tongue-tied. When I talked with him once, Rahman continued saying either ‘Ummm’, ‘Hmmm’ or ‘Ummmmmmmm’ for various inquiries. This befuddled me. I asked him what is the contrast between the three answers. I got this answer from him: ‘Mmm’. The meeting must be shot thrice,” Karan uncovers.

Rahman shouldn’t baffle his fans with such short answers, which resemble sounds.

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