Chiranjeevi affectionately says sorry to learn

 Chiranjeevi affectionately says sorry to learn

Chiranjeevi was at the Film Chamber working in Hyderabad to make his choice on the MAA race day. He and Akkineni Nagarjuna were mobbed by the group in the premises. There was an overwhelming surge and the two stars needed to stroll through jarring groups, some of whom endeavored to crowd them.

As the Megastar was going to get into his vehicle, there occurred some skirmish. The ‘Sye Raa’ performing artist saw that a 25-something young lady was being hindered by this. He affectionately said sorry to learn young lady and went into the vehicle. An adjacent camera caught Chiru’s sweet sad.

His fans are flooding the Internet with gratefulness for their most loved star, who was sufficiently modest to apologize to a young lady despite the fact that he had done no blame.


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