Isaipuyal A.R. Rahman acknowledges poor town artist

 Isaipuyal A.R. Rahman acknowledges poor town artist

The computerized age has contracted the world, as it were, and the most cheering thing is when obscure capable individuals get the chance to contact a wide gathering of people with the assistance of innovation. A couple of months back Rakesh Unni of Kerala a tea estate laborer sang the ‘Vishwaroopam’ tune “Unnai Kaanadhu naan ingu” and the video became a web sensation getting gratefulness from artist Shankar Mahadevan the writer of the tune also. Kamal Haasan when he visited Kerala met Rakesh Unni and commended him which filled his heart with joy.

Presently Isaipuyal A.R. Rahman has shared a video of a moderately aged lady singing his tune “O Seliya” the Telugu adaptation of “Ennavalae” from ‘Kadhalan’ and has included the content “Unknown…Anonymous…Beautiful voice”. The lady is Baby hailing from Vadisaleru town in AP and after her video hit 7 million perspectives on YouTube inside couple of hours she has an opportunity to sing in another Telugu motion picture for music executive Chaloori Koteeshwara Rao.

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