Kaalakkoothu Abstract: Two school young men turn out to be thick companions after a common beneficial ordeal. They grow up and experience passionate feelings for two young ladies. Exactly when things at long last appear to go their direction, catastrophe strikes.

Kaalakkoothu Audit: At this point, the sub-type of the ‘Madurai motion picture’ has nearly achieved its end point. The pattern, which started in the mid-2000s with Kaadhal and Paruthiveeran, and achieved its high with Subramaniapuram, however even by the beginning of this decade, had started to lose steam. Kaalakkoothu, which was started in the fag end of this pattern, in 2015, has at long last hit screens in the wake of being screwed over thanks to creation issues for some time. It ticks off the necessities of this type – the harsh outwardly legend with a kind nature, champions brandishing next to no cosmetics, sentiment creating on the bylanes, the traditions of the place, the Madurai slang, and obviously, the savagery.

The film starts with a long prelude which sets up the fellowship between school young men Easwaran and Hari (to commute home the point, in the opening scene, we really hear Natpathigaram being educated in the school). This is the best extend in the film as we see the young men, who begin off on a wrong note, yet wind up drawing near – Easwaran’s folks are dead and when Hari’s mom passes on, they bond over the common disaster in their lives. We at that point consider them to be 20-year-olds. The ecstatic Hari (Kalaiyarasan) is enamored with Gayathri (Sai Dhanshika), an undergrad. The calm Easwaran (Prasanna) fills in as a technician, and Revathi (Srushti Dange), a young lady in their territory, is charming him. At the point when Hari persuades Easwaran to acknowledge the young lady’s adoration, everything is by all accounts going great in their lives. However, a legislator’s child who tries to act mischievously with Hari’s sister, a dashed sentiment and a sudden commitment flip around their lives.

The issue with Kaalakkoothu isn’t only the way that it is somewhat late to the gathering, yet that its each beat is unsurprising. The composition is simplistic to the point that there’s not really anything to hold our advantage. Indeed, nowadays, even television serials have started to take up comparable subjects, and the filmmaking here helps us precisely to remember that. To aggravate the issue, for the sake of foretelling, executive Nagarajan over and over gives away how things will turn out for his heroes. The four youthful on-screen characters attempt their best, however their comprehensively composed parts barely allow them to raise the content and their characters with their exhibitions. When the film gets to its inescapable peak, we have turned out to be so acquainted with the been-there-seen-that vibe that the dismal destiny of the characters scarcely enlists. Also, that is a greater catastrophe than the one the film is after.

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