Legendary Nadigavel M.R. Radha biopic announced

 Legendary Nadigavel M.R. Radha biopic announced

Nadigavel M.R. Radha was no just a single of the best on-screen characters ever in Tamil silver screen yet additionally a splendid political humorist and social pundit. His vision was past his chance and he saved neither adversary nor companion when it came to government officials making the wrong turn.

As a super energizing improvement a biopic of Nadigavel M.R. Radha has been reported by none other than his grandson Ike who influenced his presentation with the hit to film ‘Sangili Bunguli Kadhava Thorea’ featuring Jiiva and his uncle Radha Ravi.

Ike has expressed “For those who’ve never observed him however always remembered him – This ones for U ! Revealing untold stories of my unbelievable granddad ‘Nadigavel’ M.R.Radha in a Film which I trust I do equity to as a grandson and all the more significantly as a fan”. Numerous congrats to the executive for endeavoring to breath life into the legend back and Radha’s parody is more relavant now than any time in recent memory.

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