Me Too: I have slippered such men, says Kasturi

 Me Too: I have slippered such men, says Kasturi

Kollywood actress Kasturi Shankar, known for her intense perspectives, is generally extremely dynamic in online life and has no delay in putting her voice behind different social issues with a striking position. In an ongoing twitter association, an adherent asked her for what valid reason she isn’t discussing her encounters with sexual stalkers in Tamil film and whether it is a direct result of dread.

Kasturi, in her own funny tone, has answered that it isn’t fear however sensitivity that keeps her from talking. She has shared that numerous prominent individuals have been slippered by her for making a pass on her and now when she meets them out in the open they endeavor to act ordinary.

The outspoken actress has additionally uncovered that one individual who manhandled her is as of now dead and the other is tallying his days and she herself feels sorry to learn about them.

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