‘Mersal’ much superior to anything ‘Kaala’, says SA Chandrasekhar

 ‘Mersal’ much superior to anything ‘Kaala’, says SA Chandrasekhar

There are Rajini fans. There are Vijay fans. There are fans who adore movies of both of these on-screen characters. Anyway an ongoing proclamation by SA Chandrasekhar that ‘Mersal’ is superior to anything ‘Kaala’ has made confusion,support and disturbance among the two fans.

To be exact, SAC has remarked that ‘Mersal’ is a vastly improved political film than Rajini’s ‘Kaala’. Promote he additionally said that Vijay knows governmental issues much superior to SAC himself. Talking about Activity Ramaswamy, SA Chandrasekhar guaranteed that the way individuals see the man will emphatically change after the arrival of his film titled ‘Movement Ramaswamy’.

Obviously, netizens have been enrolling their disdain and in the meantime support to the announcements talked by SAC. Some impartial fans likewise brought up out that ‘Mersal’ had just a couple of political lines thus couldn’t be named as a superior political film than ‘Kaala’.

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