Nani’s wife slams Sri Reddy

 Nani’s wife slams Sri Reddy

Sri Reddy who is has given the Telugu film industry stun delayed repercussion turned her weapons on prominent legend Nani and affirmed that he had a personal association with her in the appearance of making her demonstration shot. The ‘Veppam’ and ‘Naan E’ saint responded unequivocally by slapping a slander case on the celebrity.

Presently Nani’s better half Anjana has taken to web-based life to hammer Sri Reddy expressing “This industry has been caring yet it inconveniences me to see that on occasion there goes along somebody who puts their reputation in front of other individuals’ lives. Nobody trusts those crazy proclamations at any rate. It is about how little they think before corrupting themselves to such levels”.

Online networking is buzzing that Sri Reddy known for not calling it quits from a battle will soon respond for Anjana’s burrow at her.

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