Panjumittai Summary: A cheerfully wedded man begins associating his companion with having an unsanctioned romance with his better half as he discovers them two having comparative interests.

Panjumittai Survey: Appu (Mama Ka Dad) and Kuppu (Sendrayan) are cherished companions who can’t consider living in better places. As them two grow up, they begin acquiring their living by working in an inn. Inconvenience begins between them when Appu gets hitched to a young lady (Nikhila). He begins detesting Kuppu’s steady nearness when he is with his significant other. He additionally begins seeing that Kuppu’s dress shading is constantly like that of his wife’s. An annoyed Appu begins presuming his significant other and tries his best to ward off her from Kuppu. Afterward, he counsels a specialist who clarifies Kuppu’s unusual conduct.

Curiously, similar to Kuppu’s conduct, the film, as well, is bizarre, on account of its unprofessional making, uproarious exhibitions of the lead on-screen characters and poor CG scenes. A stunning plot combined with misrepresented drama and outrageous close-up shots influence the review to encounter a horrible one. A nearly better second half and a not really awful flashback scene are the main redeeming qualities of this generally terrible motion picture.

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