Rashmika’s love story has another side

 Rashmika’s love story has another side

It has been days since the media has been guaranteeing that Rashmika Mandanna’s commitment to Sandalwood executive Rakshit Shetty is on the stones. The ‘Geetha Govindam’ actress has at last opened up on the bits of gossip. She has proposed, but in a roundabout way, that the romantic tale among her and Rakshit is a relic of past times. She demonstrated it by saying that each story has opposite sides. The media may have neglected to see the opposite side however it’s privilege in presuming that the R-R couple have thrown in the towel.

“Sorry I have been quiet for so long, yet I have been watching a great deal of stories, articles, remarks and trolls about me. It has been exasperating me with respect to how I have been depicted and everything made a huge deal about. Indeed, I unquestionably don’t point the finger at you folks for it since that is the thing that you would accept and I am not here to legitimize anything or anybody,” the 22-year-old on-screen character started saying.

“Simply need to let you know folks that Rakshi, me or anybody in the business shouldn’t experience this. I have to include that, similarly as how every coin has opposite sides, so does each story,” she included.

She at that point asked everybody to give her and her partners in the business a chance to work in peace. The ‘DevaDas’ and ‘Dear Comrade’ performer pronounced that she will keep on doing Kannada films. I am digging in for the long haul, be it any dialect, any industry. I will do as well as can possibly be expected,” she closed down.

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