‘Roshagadu’ Teaser: Policeman Loses His Cool

 ‘Roshagadu’ Teaser: Policeman Loses His Cool

He is ‘Roshagadu’ and a Pudungi on the double. He is a cop and on the off chance that anybody minimize policemen, he will demonstrate his dialogic ability quickly. Undoubtedly, even his courageous woman, Nivetha Pethuraj of ‘Mental Madhilo’ notoriety, shares a similar sort of police patriotism.

Written and directed by Ganeshaa, the film’s mystery is persuading and demonstrates the performer as a mass actioner set against a semi-urban background. Set to the tune of a stirring society reverential number, it makes the correct brave commotions. Tricks are by Sakthi Saravanan and he ensures they are vigorous in the secret.

Daniel Balaji has a key supporting role. Music is by Vijay Antony himself, while Fatima Vijay Antony of Vijay Antony Film Corporation Private Limited is bankrolling the venture. The dialogues and songs are by Bhashyasree.

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