‘RX100’ second trailer: Violent lover on a rampage

 ‘RX100’ second trailer: Violent lover on a rampage

The second trailer of ‘RX100’, an up and coming sentimental actioner, makes the correct commotions. It sets the correct inclination; it makes exclusive requirements; it tells what sort of a film is in store.

Highlighting Kartikeya Gummakonda in the part of a volatile and bothered youth, the movie is coordinated by debutant Ajay Bhupathi. For all we know, the saint (Siva) is seething with a craving to separate vengeance. He is pushed by his young lady (debutante Payal Rajput) in completing unmitigated brutality.

At the point when Siva rides the bicycle with a concentrated if extraordinary demeanor all over, he is another Arjun Reddy. Out of the blue since ‘Arjun Reddy’, we have a Telugu film in which love-production is so normal (for its looks).

The provincial bylanes have been all around caught if the trailer is anything to pass by Rao Ramesh has a substantial part. Watch him say he can’t stop Siva. By what means can he? The darling kid who trusts his adoration is interminable is waiting to pounce. He can’t be halted. What’s more, we can hardly wait till July 12 to watch the motion picture.

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