Sema Abstract: A vegetable seller weds a young lady against her dad’s desire. The couple, with the assistance of their individual moms, figure out how to conceal it from the young lady’s dad till she brings forth a tyke

Sema Survey: Set against the background of a town in Trichy, Sema, ia the tale of Kuzhandai (GV Prakash), who lives with his mom. A vegetable seller, his life spins around his mom and closest companion (Yogi Babu). Kuzhandai’s mom begins hunting down a lady of the hour for her child when a crystal gazer predicts that the promising time for the same is in three months.

Subsequent to getting rejected a few times, Kuzhandai, at long last gets a gesture from Magizhini (Arthana). Both the family consent to take things to the following level and they choose to meet for a capacity following a couple of days. In any case, Magizh’s dad Balu (Mansoor Ali Khan) abruptly communicated his lack of engagement in the organization together as he gets an enticing offer from a nearby MLA. The last guarantees to tidy up the previous’ obligations if Balu gets his little girl wedded to MLA’s child. An annoyed Kuzhandai and Magizh incubate an arrangement to run off and get hitched with the help of their moms (Sujatha and Kovai Sarala).

An attempted and tried plot, Sema offers just the same old thing new as far as story, portrayal or exhibitions, and is unsurprising profoundly. The lead sets, GV Prakash and Arthana, are simply alright, while Kovai Sarala and Sujatha had their impact well. The unconstrained counters and jokes of Yogi Babu and a couple of scenes of Mansoor are the main redeeming quality of the film. The melodies are tolerable, with the exception of one. With the class the film falls into, a captivating story with a few wanders aimlessly would have made it a better than average watch.

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