Severe action taken on theaters enabling piracy

 Severe action taken on theaters enabling piracy

Piracy has been a major issue tormenting the Tamil film industry. Now and again even on the release day of the film, theft duplicates by one means or another discover their way into business sectors. Also, in fair treatment, all the blood and sweat associated with the film making procedure goes to squander notwithstanding the humongous measure of cash spent.

For the most part, this occurs by catching the movie played in theaters and later circling them. Presently the Producers chamber has distinguished 10 such theaters and has chosen to make a move against them. The board has recorded a formal argument against these theaters.

Furthermore, the committee additionally has expressed that it would never again coordinate with these theaters. Correspondence has been made to makers (of movies releasing coming October 17,18) and QUBE to not screen the movies on these theaters.

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