Siddharth reports erasing Twitter account!

 Siddharth reports erasing Twitter account!

The Lok Sabha races 2019 outcomes will be declared today, as the vote tallying is going on, and right now, BJP has been driving in a large portion of the spots having an unmistakable lead over Congress and the remainder of the gatherings in their resistance, prompting the consequence of BJP asserting the position of royalty once more.

While this has been inspiring blended responses from internet based life netizens, with a few of them cheering the BJP lead and many trolling and manhandling, while additionally claiming Electronic casting a ballot machine hacks behind BJP drives, entertainer Siddharth has made a declaration on his Twitter handle.

Siddharth has been known for normally tweeting against BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and with the outcomes arriving, he has posted that he will erase his Twitter account for all time if Modi isn’t given another term. “I thus seriously swear that if Narendra Modi ji does not get a second term, I will erase my Twitter account for all time. Jai Hind. #AayegaToModiHi” tweeted Siddharth.


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