Siddharth shoots the predisposition in Me Too and support for Nayanthara!

 Siddharth shoots the predisposition in Me Too and support for Nayanthara!

On-screen character Siddharth has been a standout amongst the most dynamic big names on the Twitter space, and consistently influences his conclusions on different issues to be it in regards to the film business or governmental issues or anything that is affecting. The performing artist had before been disparaging of the film brotherhood’s quiet amid the Me Too development and has now contacted the point once more.

Siddharth has posted a progression of tweets, addressing why a similar film club which stayed quiet amid Me Too issue is all of a sudden ascending in help just for Nayanthara after Radharavi debased her. He posted, “I was stunned that my whole clique was either quiet or skeptical about the Me Too development; I quietly lamented the way that it would take just the displeasure of an influential lady to influence the dozing wake to up. On the off chance that you talk up just when your own are influenced, it’s not called dauntlessness”.

He at that point lined it up with another tweet that read “To any lady with impact who was quiet about Me Too due to Petty frailty or organized shock, if it’s not too much trouble realize you are as liable as the men who expelled the development out of natural misogyny. Every individual must assume liability regardless of sexual orientation.” These tweets of performing artist Siddharth lashing out at the film business for one-sided support have turned viral.


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