Simbu’s video utilized in colossal extortion

 Simbu’s video utilized in colossal extortion

In this advanced age big names can cause harm just by modeling for a selfie or video with people professing to be their fans. One such individual Prabhu has utilized a video of Simbu and a photo of Anirudh to influence individuals to trust that he is a major specialist and has hoodwinked accidental understudies into paying extensive aggregates of cash.

Prabhu publicized via web-based networking media, for example, Facebook and Whatsapp that he is a specialist from London maintaining the Ruskin College of Business. He has doctored a video to propose that Simbu propelled the logo in London. Anyway on more critical look it very well may be seen that he is an immaterial individual who has no closeness with Simbu. Correspondingly he has likewise posted a photograph in which he is embracing music writer Anirudh.

Prabhu has guaranteed understudies that he could land them lucrative positions in Armenia and has acquired rupees three lakhs from a few people. He had then sent them on visitor visas and the adolescent found that the nation was multiple times in reverse than India with low cash esteem. The youths purportedly endured in yearning and needed to inspire assistance from their folks to return to India.

A police objection has been held up against Prabhu and the exploited people are trusting that serious move is made against him


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