Sri Reddy explains how celebrities approach for casting couch

 Sri Reddy explains how celebrities approach for casting couch

In the past couple of days after giving a lot of interviews to leading channels in both broadcast and internet, Sri Reddy seems and her bold takes on the casting couch and unapologetic demeanour seems are getting mixed response from the public.

The Telugu starlet has revealed the modus operandi of celebrities to lure girls onto the so-called casting couch. It seems the hero or the director who wants to bed an upcoming actress would approach her through the producer, writer or artiste co-ordinator. According to Sri Reddy, they usually choose girls who are desperate to make it big in the industry and ask them to give them company in return for a better role and recommendations.

Sri Reddy further adds that producers invite the girls for a ride in their cars and turn it into a bedroom to escape being seen in public. The shocking thing is sometimes an actress should satisfy the entire crew right from the coordinator to the makeup man to cameraman and right up till the hero.

Another shock that Sri Reddy throws is that Tamil celebrities prefer Hyderabad as location and get girls from there to keep their good images intact in Tamil Nadu. She also claims that foreign song shootings are planned so as to enjoy the heroines and actresses there. It is unknown how far Sri Reddy’s claims are true but at the same time, young girls who dream of making it big in tinsel town should most definitely be extra careful.

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