The man who helped Chiranjeevi and cherished him

 The man who helped Chiranjeevi and cherished him

Vijaya Bapineedu, the executive of ‘Posse Leader’ and ‘Khaidi No. 786’, has left affectionate recollections for Chiranjeevi. In an announcement on Tuesday, the Megastar bountifully recalled the late veteran.

“Today is a dismal day. I can’t trust that Bapineedu garu is no more. He used to treat me like a child and a sibling. My association with him went past that of a performing artist chief. He was the nearest to my heart. I got related with him since ‘Patnam Vacchina Pathivrathalu’. He completed six movies with me. He used to reveal to me that he would feel most great and wistful to work with me. He used to decline to work with different saints now and again,” Chiru said.

“When I moved to Hyderabad (from Chennai), it was he who gave me his visitor house to remain. He got the main two stories emptied for me. I remained there for a long time. I have such huge numbers of sweet recollections with him. He skilled me an elephant when ‘Maga Maharaju’ had a 100-day keep running in theaters. To him, that elephant exemplified our adoration for one another. The ‘Group Leader’ achievement was commended in four distinct towns around the same time. That was an uncommon record back then. My fans have constantly enjoyed him a great deal. He altered and distributed a magazine named ‘Chiranjeevi’. It used to convey my extraordinary photos and news on me. My fans used to hang tight for its releases,” Chiranjeevi said.


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