Varalakshmi accuses Film Sangam Thalaivars for Radha Ravi-Nayanthara issue

 Varalakshmi accuses Film Sangam Thalaivars for Radha Ravi-Nayanthara issue

Radha Ravi’s chauvinist remarks on Nayanthara is proceeding to get extreme backfire from his industry associates as well as close relatives just as his progression sister Radhika actually met him and censured his discourse.

Presently Radha Ravi’s progression niece Varalakshmi Sarathkumar has taken the battle against him and has issued a progression of tweets in which she has additionally censured the different association pioneers for the prostitute disgracing that is occurring inside the business.

Varu has expressed “Disgracing women,making hostile jokes on ladies (which they believe isn’t hostile) debasing ladies, utilizing ladies as sight to behold have all bcom a piece of this film industry because of our past ages of ladies n men who didn’t respond n rather thought it was ok..this is our state. All these purported film Sangams r kept running by a cluster of male chauvinists who will never follow up on anything n jus act like they bolster ladies, when in actuality every one of them has in a single manner or other added to this circumstance of ladies being debased either in their reel or genuine lives.Varu has included “If individuals are thinking that its interesting that is the sort of world we have made by corrupting ourselves n keeping quiet for such huge numbers of long periods of abuse..if we don’t begin regarding ourselves..we can’t anticipate that others should regard us.. talk up now..don’t hold up until it transpires n then cry…And likewise to every one of the imbeciles out there who think debasing ourselves (ladies) implies wearing uncovering garments.. that is an individual decision of each lady and u can’t pass judgment on a lady dependent on her dressing.. grow up.. figure out how to regard a lady regardless of what she wears or does..When you don’t pass judgment on a man on whatever her does no make a difference how dishonest or wrong or terrible..or what number of accomplices he has..nobody has the privilege to pass judgment on a lady either.. at the point when u don’t have a craving for assaulting ur sister regardless of what he wears figure out how to regard another lady too…”


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