Vijay Sethupathi speaks about Vishal’s role in ’96’ controversy

 Vijay Sethupathi speaks about Vishal’s role in ’96’ controversy

Actor Vijay Sethupathi’s ’96’ which released on Thursday last confronted obstructions ultimately and the early morning extraordinary shows must be dropped. It was said that Vijay Sethupathi consented to pay the sum that ought to be reimbursed to the lenders by the maker. This made Vishal to guarantee that he will guarantee that Vijay Sethupathi does not confront the budgetary weight more than ’96’. This anyway prompt gossip that there was some issue fermenting between the main saints.

Talking at the Thanks meet of ’96’ Vijay Sethupathi clarified that there is no issue among him and Vishal He said “Such issues happening to films finally is just the same old thing new. It has been going on for a long time. We can’t accuse any person for this. It resembles a circle. Nobody knows where it began and where it will end. So nobody can be considered in charge of this.

I for one feel that such deterrents come just when you are developing, when you need to achieve the following stage. So I consider this to be a pointer of my development.”

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