Vijay’s thought-provoking story during ‘Sarkar’ audio launch

 Vijay’s thought-provoking story during ‘Sarkar’ audio launch

Last night millions were glued to what Thalapathy Vijay had to say. One such thing was that he would annihilate corruption. He also used a fantastic analogy to drive home the point. Here it is:

A ruler was welcomed by the people. And he was offered a lemon juice. The king tried it and suggested to add a little salt. So the subordinate was ordered to take it from the nearest shop but only paid by the king himself.

This example highlights how if there is no corruption among the top and ruling class, there is no chance of it in the lower class as well. The people would follow the example of the king. He also hinted that a leader would come to question the status quo and that ‘dharma’ would definitely win, even if it is slow.

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