Vikram’s Rs 300 Cr ‘Mahavir Karna’ shoot on in Hyderabad

 Vikram’s Rs 300 Cr ‘Mahavir Karna’ shoot on in Hyderabad

The shooting of ‘Mahavir Karna’, featuring Chiyaan Vikram in the title job, has been on at Ramoji Rao Film City in Hyderabad. Coordinated by RS Vimal and delivered by United Film Kingdom at a financial plan of Rs 300 Cr, the film is one of the greatest under-generation items in Indian film. It will include performing artists from Hollywood, Bollywood and other real Indian dialects.

RS Vimal has shared that the present timetable of ‘Mahavir Karna’ is gotten ready for 18 days and the epic Kurukshetra fight will be shot with a huge number of doubles and junior artistes.

Starting at now, the shot of Vikram in great Karna ensemble landing at the combat zone on a gold-decked chariot has been finished and the group is blissful by the result.


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