Vishal-Anisha’s commitment date fixed: Reports

 Vishal-Anisha’s commitment date fixed: Reports

It’s realized that Vishal is good to go to wed Anisha Alla Reddy, little girl of a Hyderabad-based businessperson. The performing artist became hopelessly enamored with Anisha amid the creation of a film when she and a couple of other of her companions met him in Vizag and educated him about their motion picture ‘Michael’ on horticulture. It was moment love for Vishal after a couple of gatherings and he was the first to propose to Anisha, who took as much time as necessary to state yes.

The news is that the couple’s commitment is planned to be hung on March 16 in Hyderabad. It is well on the way to be an affectionate undertaking.

Anisha, aside from being an on-screen character (she was seen in ‘Arjun Reddy’), is additionally a National-level b-ball player and a social extremist.

On the film front, Vishal anticipates the arrival of ‘Ayogya’ (Tamil revamp of ‘Temper’) on April 19.


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