We received bad news during ‘2.0’ audio event: Shankar

 We received bad news during ‘2.0’ audio event: Shankar

Addressing a national channel, Shankar has clarified how ‘2.0’ got put off more than once. The perfect work of art guessed hit the marquee last Diwali. Actually, when Shankar and Lyca Productions had begun in 2015, they needed to release the Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer as right on time as could reasonably be expected.

“One noteworthy VFX organization to whom we had given the assignment of finishing the film’s VFX guaranteed to convey the final result two months previously 2017 Diwali. Likewise, we declared the discharge date. At that point they said it will require some greater investment. What’s more, we put off the date to January 2018,” the star executive says.

“When we were holding a stupendous sound occasion in Dubai (a year ago), this organization revealed to us the item won’t be prepared notwithstanding for January. We were stunned however were powerless. This is the point at which we became more acquainted with that the organization essentially had no ability to take a shot at our film,” Shankar uncovers, including that the film has 2100 VFX shot that was worked in places like London, Montreal, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

Lyca creations currently went to a greater organization. They moved toward Double Negative organization, which has done the Marvel films. “A year ago they won the Academy Award for Blade Runner 2049. While moving the film to the new organization, we had some pragmatic issues. It resembled evacuating a tree from one place and planting it at another place,” Shankar clarifies.

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